Champion Blokes Learn to Love


‘Love is such a big word it deserves more than four letters. Let me show you how to turn smashed relationships into good relationships, and good relationships into great relationships!’ We might not talk about it much, but what we really want is love.

In CHAMPION BLOKES LEARN TO LOVE, Watto shares what he’s learned during 50 years of loving Margaret, the girl of his dreams. He tells us in plain language how to build communication, encouragement and joy into real-deal relationships that stand the test of time – not just in marriage but in family, friendships and business too.

— Watto gets to the guts of what matters most in the universe and Champion Blokes Learn to Love is easily the best book for Aussie men that has been written on this eternally signi cant subject. Paul Morrison, West Coast Eagles Chaplain, Shed Happens WA

— This book is such a practical handbook on how to make your relationship amazing. Dan & Emma Willmann

— Watto’s advice is easy to apply because these are his real feelings and real thoughts; from a real life that has been lived. Russell Modlin

— Ian ‘Watto’ Watson is a ‘nearly retired’ truck-driver trainer who played and coached AFL. The founder of Shed Happens travels Australia speaking to blokes about winning the battles of life. His rst book, Every Bloke’s a Champion… Even You! has become a bestseller. Watto and his beloved Margaret have three champion sons who are now raising families of their own.



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