Shed Happens

Every Bloke's a champion

Hey Watto, I’ve never seen a bloke go backwards with encouragement

– B-double Truckie from Dubbo –

WHat is SHEdHappens?

Ian 'Watto' Watson, founding bloke

Ian ‘Watto’ Watson’s original Shed Night vision, was to help Aussie men deal with their pains and struggles and find healing and experience wholesome growth, has grown from strength to strength. Learn about Shed Happens and get involved in a Shed Event near you!

Catch-ups, Meetings, Online Zoom Meetings, BBQ, Get-togethers.

- Like iron sharpens iron…
- men supporting men,
- men learning from men, and
- men helping each other during tough times.

Champions conquer

hatred, bitterness, resentment and forgiveness 

Champions Become

The real-deal bloke for all occasions. 

Every Bloke's A Champion Even You!