Frequently asked questions

What is Shed Happens?

We’re not a club or a church.  It is set up as a Charity Organisation. Our committee generally consists of a group of blokes who have a faith in God.  Most attend a Church from time to time or regularly.  It primarily originated from a group of men who ran Shed Happens events under Living Faith Lutheran Church at Murrumba Downs.  Ian Watson was the primary driver of Shed Happens.

Shed Happens is not about getting blokes to attend a Church or join anything like that.  Shed Happens was set up to encourage men in Australia to be better husbands, fathers, mates and workers or managers.

Do I need to be a member of a church to be part of Shed Happens? 

No. Although some of our blokes do go to church, it is not a prerequisite to joining a Shed Happens event. Many of our blokes are not religious and simply attend Shed for the friendship.

Do we stand around and sing during the Shed Happens events? 

It’s not a common thing to ‘stand around and sing’ on a Shed night, however if it’s part of a blokes story to sing, then so be it!

What Happens at a Shed Happens Get-together?

Typically, a group of blokes organise burgers and drinks to eat.  Those who attend pay around $10 or $15 to cover costs.  After eating a burger, one, two or three blokes will speak about one or two of the following topics:

  • Relationships

  • Money

  • Sex

  • Health

  • Play

  • Fear

  • Addiction

  • Mateship

  • Loneliness

  • Work

  • Future


An interviewer is recommended to lead the night to help speakers stay on track with their story, topics and time. Speakers are typically invited to speak with the interviewer prior to the night to give them time to prepare. 

Blokes are encouraged to speak about their story from the heart and about things they want to share.  No one should be pressured to make any confessions or give up any secrets.  It is a man’s story.

Facts about where you were born, explaining the family tree, sharing holidays experiences, sharing medical symptoms and operations and what you do for work are discouraged as it puts others to sleep no one will want to come back.  Blokes will listen to a story from the heart.

The night goes for 1.5 or 2 hours and might finish off with a tea or coffee.   We recommend that alcohol not be part of the night because it is about blokes being real.  We also have a number of blokes attend who’ve struggled with or are fighting to break free of alcohol or drug problems.

Do you Have to Believe in God to Go to a Shed Happens Event?
No.  The majority is likely to believe in God, but not all of them.  That’s your business and your choice to talk about or not talk about.
Does a Shed Happens have to be at a Church or in Someone’s Shed?
It can be anywhere that suits. It depends on the number of people who attend the event.  It can happen between two blokes at a café, fishing, working or playing footy.  We are talking about connection.  We are talking about being able to ask and listen to another man that needs to be listened to.
Will Blokes be Talking About God or Faith?
Probably.  It’s on the above list and everyone thinks about it sometime, especially the closer you get to death.
Will I be Making Something?
No, you will not be making anything except your own burger (when COVID restrictions lift) and hopefully making a couple of mates. People often get us confused with The Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA).  Please view the AMSA Web site for details.
If I want to Start up My / Our Own Group, Do I need to call it Shed Happens?
No, you can call your event or group something else? We want this site to be an encouragement and a notice board to other Shed Happens or similar groups with the same purpose and hearts for men.  You typically require at least five or six blokes who are keen to get one started. Please see the Events part of this web site for details of other Shed Happens events.