Who We Are?

Our Mission

Shed Happens was established to help Aussie men connect with each other at a heart level. Life happens and we want men the opportunity to tell their story and listen to another man’s story.

We’re not a club or a church. We want men to be able to talk, ask questions and listen to other blokes on important heart matters, not just talk about the weather or footy.  We want blokes to connect on a deeper level.

Watto and Son

Extraordinary Experiences

A Shed Night isn’t a once a month show, but more of a model of what we want blokes across Australia to go out and do. Shed is a way of helping men connect. 

Shed Happens means we meet at a place (can be a shed) where we shed our stuff in a safe and non-judgmental place, so that we don’t bottle it up and find ourselves in isolation and depression. 

What is Shed Happens?

Shed Happens with a group of blokes or between two blokes.  Shed Happens is a non-judgemental place where blokes can be honest and talk about the good, bad, happy or sad rather than bottling it up and hardening hearts to the ones we care about.

Who are our SHEDHAPPENS Committee Members?

President – Wayne Niebling
Secretary – Tim Nagel
Treasurer – Tim Nagel
Member – Chad Polinski
Member – Dale MacArthur
Member – Haydn Watson
Member – Paul Smith