Champion Blokes ‘Shed’ Their Shame



‘There’s no shame in shame. It has a go at every man, woman and child at some time in our lives. This book is a gutsy, hands-on way to freedom and victory.’

Watto tackles the topic that nobody wants to talk about, but everybody battles with: shame. Painful events in Watto’s own childhood created a shame that hung on deep inside and held him back. It took him 50 years to recognise it, and deal with it. Now he wants to help other men kick pain, shame and sadness, and be free in a new way.

In Champion Blokes ‘Shed’ Their Shame!, Watto tells his own and other blokes’ real-deal stories of escaping the prison of shame. This book will help men heal from their own mistakes and the mistakes of others, and start living the turbocharged life.

Watto … goes for the guts of his passion – seeing men free from the rubbish and lies that have held them back from becoming the real deal blokes they were created to be. – Paul ‘Morro’ Morrison, Chaplain, West Coast Eagles

In-your-face honesty with real-life facts and spiritual wisdom that can help you find healing in areas that you didn’t even know healing could be found. – Dr Fred Gollasch, Teacher, Educator, Mentor and Co-Founder of Better Blokes

Ian ‘Watto’ Watson is an ‘almost-retired’ truck-driver trainer who played and coached AFL. The founder of Shed Happens travels Australia speaking to blokes about winning the battles of life. His first book Every Bloke’s a Champion … Even You! has helped many thousands of men discover the lives they were created for. Watto and his beloved Margaret have three champion sons who are now raising families of their own.


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