shedhappens Vision Working group 2o22

Purpose for Shed

Shed is an organic space not a program
“We work on Hearts not Projects” Mackay shed tag line

 Is a safe space for Men that:

  • That Helps men know who they are and whose they are

  • Talks about the real stuff

  • Develops real Community of men

  • Develops authentic connection between men

  • Is a space of encouragement

  • Engages the hearts and Minds of men

  • A Space where men discover they are normal and not the only one with challenges

  • Creates Hope for men about their future

  • Share Jesus not churchy

  • Cares for the individual

  • Honours the experience and story of each man

  • Encourages men to transform and grow

  • Facilitates growth for the families represented

  • Where honesty leads to healing

  • Speaks about men’s health Mental, physical and spiritual

  • Includes Disclosure and Feedback

  • Honours Women   


To let Watto’s Dream come true

Shed happens awareness throughout Australia

To let our communities, know that we are Authentic

  • Shed Happens becomes as well know and recognised as “The Men’s shed”

  • Linked with community in numerous ways

  • More local sheds

  • More young men at sheds or more of shed where young people are

  • Greater diversity of men attending

  • Raising up younger leaders and future leaders

  • Growth of small groups in large sheds

  • Greater Ripple effort

  • Mentoring & fathering of sons

  • Thriving sheds who are well resourced and well supported

  • Trusting other shed men to enter my shed space

  • Get to a better Place not where we were pre-covid

What’s been Lost witH Ian’s passing and Covid

A Man:

  • Of Great Passion and enthusiasm

  • Of great Drive

  • Who was Championing shed?

  • Who was the Figurehead

  • Who was the go to

  • Of Great encouragement he made us feel confident we could do it

  • Who was a Motivator – us into action

  • Who was the promotor the public face

  • As amazing role Model

  • Bear hugs

  • A great Aussie Block very relatable

  • Who pointed me to God as the answer

  • Who was the connector between us all

  • Who gave 1000 hours a year of time to build the network

  • Who made you want to buy into His Vision   

other Actions & Notes

Need everyone to consider what can be done to encourage Shedhappens Leaders: 1. Locally?
2. Regionally?
3. Nationally?

Shedhappens has funds for other shed blokes to go and fly/travel somewhere to encourage/learn from other sheds
Shedhappens committee to contact all of the original sheds to see how they are going and what they need
By October 2022 Other Actions: 1. Simon to provide the old Shed Night contact list to Wayne
2. Wayne happy to make calls to old sheds to encourage them
3. Original shed leaders to be encouraged to contact their old shed contacts
4. Creation of promotional shed shirts to help re 🚀
5. “Working on hearts not projects”? Or alternative
6. Simon to provide a library of recorded interviews that sheds can use to play at a shed night as a resource
7. Create a simple process to start a shed on the website? See 9.
8. PJ happy to run info sessions on request
9. Setup a Zoom session. Materials/Course/Training /Learning to do an interview. Common questions to ask. Video how to. Or personal contact to run through a shed.
10. Simon to send out a list of who is on the committee
11. Wayne to field out media calls eg from Robbo from vision pass on to Michael Clark, PJ, Frank, Gordon K

As an additional resource for Shed Happens nights, pre-recorded interviews from Champion Blokes can be found on the Champion Blokes youTube channel by clicking here.  Use these have a discussion about how the story relates to their own.

Core questions to ask a bloke:
How are you going?
How was your week?
What do you need to pray for?
& Be genuinely be concerned

Vision Session Attended by: Wayne Niebling
Tim Nagel
Phil Pietch
Peter Janetski
Jonathan Schoff
Steven Kramer
Frank Cowell
Peter Borg
Gordon Kelly
Andrew Baker
Dale MacArthur
Gordon Cooper Michael Clark