Our Projects

Together is better

Sheds Unite

AKA Project: Herd the Cats, AKA Project: United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Whatever you call it, there is no doubt that coming together to share our knowledge, resources and, most importantly, broaden our friendships, will build the Shed Happens experience! 

Do you know of a shed that needs support? Do you need support getting exposure for your shed? Do you want to interact with other sheds? Support and Interaction are just two of many other things we want to address as part of project Shed Unite. Around our network, we have thousands of blokes attending and with this comes many varying skills. If you’d like to get involved in Shed Unite please get in touch. 

Meet the Community


Taking blokes of the thriving shed’s around the nation out to rural and remote areas. In some circumstances, there is a great desire for smaller, hard to get to sheds, to gain more visitors. Be it travellers passing through, or bus trips out to the country, any bloke is always welcomed.

Forest Tours

The Shed Roadtrip

Take a look at the Shed location road map via the Contact Us page. Do you have what it takes to visit our sheds around Australia? 

Vision Setting

SHedHappens Vision Setting 2022+

Men from Sheds all around our country gathered at the 2022 Better Blokes conference to have their say on the new 2022+ SHEDHAPPENS Vision